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As you’re reading this, know that some of you may have already given your technology choices the power to distract your mind, reduce your attention span, and the perfect amount of permission to be less interested and more inattentive to the things around you. Even worse, some of you may have also given your technology choices the authority to leave you as the last person standing on life’s stage, the last to know and yes, the only person in the room wondering what just happened to…

Yes, you. The one in all of the photographs.

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Look, I get it.

For as long as I can remember, in many of my childhood and adult circles of friends, I have been the only Black guy. Just yesterday, I scrolled through my timelines, as I’m sure you may have done during this age of heightened racial and social tensions. It reminded me that my Blackness is now weaponized, visible, and no longer in the comfortable hiding place where some parts of our society have deemed it less threatening, less intimidating, and less Black.

When I was younger, I was the only kid out of a group of Black…

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Well, kinda sorta.

While many of you were sleeping in your thousand thread count Egyptian cotton sheets, overlooking the mountains of the Pyrenees from your bedside (as you do), last September the likes of several high-profile chief executives (Fifty-one in total) penned an open letter to Congress in hopes that the federal data privacy law discussions would take a better hold in becoming a more active discussion among our lawmakers. CEOs encompassing a multitude of technology-based companies such as Amazon, Dell, AT&T, Qualcomm, and the such all threw in their best effort and signatures in this proverbial hat. …

Of course, that’s a reference to you silly rabbit.

But as you already know, let’s not simply stop there.

Seriously, as a newly formed cybersecurity business owner with only few hopes and dreams in my piggy bank, I’ve never felt so much fear, trepidation, and awesomeness all mixed into a storm cloud of, well, storms. I mean, there was a distinct cultural difference in how I had originally thought starting a technology business would feel like, let alone a successful one.

Let’s just say my nerves may need a vacation soon.

Even worse, I’ve asked of myself more life and…

Last Thanksgiving — or, friendsgiving as these young folks say — most of us gathered around a dining room table full of the food of the Gods, reminiscent of the days of the Vikings (less the gratuitous sex, village pillaging, and the lack of Axe spray and adequate toothpaste, of course).

As you may have surmised, we asked of each other a simple question: in what ways were we most grateful to the people, places, and things in and around our busy lives?

You know, Thanksgiving-esque moments.

Answers sauntered between family connections, to new friendships and adults jobs blossoming into…

Luckily, Technology Is Here To Save Us From Ourselves.

Is it really though?

In drawing attention to his words of wisdom, the 1913 French-born philosopher Albert Camus wasn’t too far off. Even for a guy who never zoomed in holding an iPhone’s camera for an Instagram-bound piece of pecan pie.

Perhaps he was just saying that we as humans, despite all attempts to simply be present, continually believe what others expect us to be rather than what we really are. Perhaps our urge to fit in or be accepted by the social norm dominates our willingness to simply be present. Then again, this quote could easily be about the…

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Mindfulness and technology.

Oh, boy.

Even seeing this written out gives me the heebie-jeebies.

And no, not the kind of heebie-jeebies that scare kids into covering their eyes with a blanket during a Freddy nightcap, but the kind of heebie-jeebies that force folks into keeping their phone in Airplane mode except during an emergency.

You know, the kind of emergency one experiences right before showing up for a Black Hat convention?

Am I right?

But no, seriously. Where are we in this mindfulness and technology game? Do we really need another brand in “how to live your life in these…

Michael Davis

CEO of Merek Security Solutions ( Tech storyteller, data privacy and mindfulness enthusiast, and in love with all forms of creativity.

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